Bookings & Rates

Bookings & Rates


Looking for the right person to capture your special day with the right price?

Feel free to check out the different rates and packages.



Wedding sessions range from 1,000 - 2,400 depending on the package the couple chose to pick for the special day!

What comes with the packages?

The simplest package I offer is a 4-6 hour session covering what I can during the time frame. It comes with an online gallery, where you can download and share the photos at maximum resolution. ($1000)

Second option I offer is also a 4-6 hour wedding session. It comes with a two hour engagement photo session, an online gallery, and your choice of a 11x14” print. (This comes with an option to purchase a photo album for an additional price) ($1800)

Lastly, the best offer I have is an unlimited wedding session!! This comes with a two hour engagement session, your choose of a 11x14” print, an online gallery, and a beautiful lay flat photo album! ($2400)

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